Voltage Gain of the UcD modules

Hypex UcD modules are sold with the voltage gain pre-set at 20 times (26dB).

This is an arbitrary choice. Topologically the module is an instrumentation amplifier, so gain can be changed by changing only a single resistor.   


Dealing with legacy pin 1 problems

A concise explanation of why differential inputs like those on our amps are a much better alternative than floating grounds (which does not solve any problems, really)


Amplifier signal input wiring 


UcD and EMI 


UcD and IMD, DIM, Slew Rate

Answer to: “Dear Hypex, Why don’t your data sheets state IMD and DIM performance figures?” 

UcD and earth/Insulation pdf2020
DC Servo / 100V line systems pdf2020
Thermal Design pdf2020