NAD re-invents the iconic 3020

NAD re-invents the iconic 3020, widely recognized as one of the most influential audio products of the 20th century, to introduce a new generation of music lovers to high fidelity music reproduction. Supporting popular digital music interfaces like Bluetooth and Asynchronous  USB, the D 3020 benefits from the highly efficient operation of Hypex Class D technology. Hypex is proud to be associated with NAD and to have contributed to the new Hybrid Digital architecture developed by NAD.


NAD D3020 Vert3-4

New flag-ship amplifier technology

Get a sneak peek of Hypex' new flag-ship amplifier technology. 


Hypex presents a decisive leap forward in class D audio performance. Ncore® is the first class D amplifier not just to nudge the best linear amplifiers, but to surpass them in every aspect relevant to sound quality. If you want the ultimate in clarity, resolution and musicality, there is no longer a reason to trade efficiency or compactness.



World's most desirable DIY audio module is SHIPPING NOW.


The astounding performance of Ncore technology is now available to DIY enthusiasts. The NC400 packs a feature set never before seen in a modular amplifier product. 

The NC400 module's audio performance sets new standards, regardless of operating class or circuit technology. Distortion (THD and IMD) over the full audio and power range is negligible, typically below 0.0007%. Distortion at listening levels (1W) is unmeasurable. This amp adds neither dirt nor fairy dust.


Bowers & Wilkins Loudspeakers released the Zeppelin Air


In March 2011, Bowers & Wilkins Loudspeakers releases the Zeppelin Air. Lucky sneak previewers have already named it the finest sounding iPod dock ever. We would have expected nothing less from the UK’s centre of acoustic excellence. Hypex Electronics are proud to announce to have contributed the power supply and amplifiers to the design of this wonderful product. To learn