PSC2.700 | DSP Active Loudspeaker Series



The PSC2 is a plate amp for use in powered speaker systems. As an active speaker controller, a PSC2 can form the basis of a powerful active two-way monitor. Figure 1 shows the audio path of the PSC2. The module has two 700Watt UcD modules implemented and is also available with a digital audio input AES/EBU, called the PSC2.700d version. The supply voltage is provided by a Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS1200) module, also a module from Hypex Electronics. A PC controls the PSC2 through the USB port. This connection is used to upload the configuration and filter settings. It will also be possible to update the firmware through USB.

Features Applications
 2x UcD700OEM amplifier
 Switch mode power supply
 Balanced audio in
 Balanced audio through loop
 Two channel active filtering
 Fully user-configurable filters
 Firmware update by USB
 DSP supply voltage dependant clip limiter
 Digital version with AES/EBU input                          
 Active 2-channel system
 Active subwoofer