DSP2W | Digital Loudspeaker Correction Platform



The DSP2W DSP board is a universal Digital Signal Processor for audio use. This board can process up to 2 channels for analogue and optional digital sources. This board will allow the user to control the filtering, delay and gain for both channels. The system is based on an AD DSP, ADAU1701, together with a microcontroller for user communication. The DSP2W is provided with 4 pre-programmable presets, delay up to 15ms per channel and 12 biquads per channel. This board could also be used to drive 2 amplifiers in bridge mode.

Features Applications
 Two channel active filtering
 Fully user-configurable filters
 Balanced analogue audio in
 Balanced analogue audio through loop
 Supply voltage dependant clip limiter
 Digital version with AES/EBU input                             
 Active loudspeakers
 Public Address systems
 Active subwoofers