Please welcome the class D technology by which all others will be judged…


Hypex presents a decisive leap forward in class D audio performance. Ncore® is the first class D amplifier not just to nudge the best linear amplifiers, but to surpass them in every aspect relevant to sound quality. If you want the ultimate in clarity, resolution and musicality, there is no longer a reason to trade efficiency or compactness.

   The first product using the new technology is ready and samples are available to selected customers. The NC1200 module, coupled with the SMPS1200 supply, delivers 350W into 8 ohms, 650W into 4 ohms and 1200W into 2 ohms, all with immaculate audio performance.

Ncore amplifiers will not replace the existing UcD range. Instead, many of the technological improvements developed for Ncore amplifiers have already started trickling down into existing UcD slots, fortifying an already strong product range.

Read the technology white paper
Read the NC1200 product bulletin

Hypex owes much to the DIY community for support and feedback, so to those eager to discover Ncore for themselves: keep your eyes open in the fourth quarter of 2011!