DS8.0 | Active Subwoofer Series


The DS 8.0 is a state-of-the-art Class D amplifier module for active subwoofer use. Accurate rendition of the low bass range is a substantial component of a high-quality music reproduction. For an impressive bass rendition large loudspeakers are unfortunately inevitable. If you prefer small loudspeakers for optical reasons, you can use the DS8.0 to extend your bass rendition. The crossover frequency is adjustable steplessly between 50Hz and 150Hz. Due to this large range of control a problem-free connection is possible to different subwoofer and other loudspeaker systems. Additionally this active system has a low bass rise. An active 4th order subsonic filter with Butterworth characteristic protects the loudspeaker against mechanical overloading, since the ultralow portion of the fed signal would cause extreme diaphragm deflections.

Features Applications
 High efficiency Class D design.
 Active subwoofer amplifier.
 Power output 800 Wrms into 4 ohms.
 Crossover filter, 24dB/octave.
 Subsonic-filter 12Hz, 24dB/octave.                
 Active subwoofer systems