UcD700HG | UcD®Amplifier Modules - High Grade series


What do you look for in a power amplifier? Bet it's the sound. Hypex UcD® amplifier modules are designed from the ground up for true fidelity. Available in 180W, 400W and 700W variants, they represent a new generation of switching power converters truly performing as amplifiers.

Features Applications
 Flat, fully load-independent frequency response                       
 Low output impedance
 Very low, frequency-independent THD
 Very low noise
 Consistent top performer in listening trials
 Runs on unregulated +/- rails
 Pop-free start and stop control
 Differential audio input
 Overcurrent and overvoltage protection
 HxR regulator ready 
 Monitor loudspeakers for recording and mastering studios
 Audiophile power amplifiers for professional and consumer use
 Public Address systems
 Home theatre systems
 Active loudspeakers

 Also available with pre-mounted HxR regulators