The "MP-DSP Main" is a complete hardware/firmware platform for digitally filtered and corrected active one way up to three way loudspeakers or subwoofers. This DSP can be used in combination with our NCxxxMP amplifier range.

It can be used without a pre amplifier and when the optional "MP-DSP Digin" board is used you have digital inputs available as AES, S/PDIF and Optical or with the optional "MP-DSP Subin" board you will have a high level input and a volume knob available.

With the use of the "MP-DSP main" you have the option to add the "Fusion remote kit" and the "Hypex remote control" so you'll have remote functionalities available for on/off, volume, source selection, change of pre-sets and mute. 

MP-DSP Digin
MP-DSP Subin