NEWS Q4 2016

New website:

For the past couple of years the online presence of Hypex has been good but we found some room for
improvement. Hypex has three websites at the moment. Having three websites shouldn’t be a problem, but having three unclear websites is. So we made a plan. We wanted to make the difference between the OEM and DIY markets in which we operate more apparent. Each of these markets has its own special needs and cares, so each should have its own portal.

So here they are:

Hypex AS, DS and PSC series replacement:

We are in the process of replacing all the AS, DS and PSC amplifiers. We are currently selling our last stock. With the launch of the NCxxxMP series we created the ideal platform for a new and better plate amplifier range. We are in the midst of developing a brand new DSP board to go with the NCxxxMP to create a truly special sounding plate amplifier way surpassing the old series, but not being much more expensive.

Your sincerely,

The Hypex Team



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