The NCxxxMP amplifier module incorporates a low power standby power supply (meets 2013 ERP Lot 6 0.5W requirements), a highly efficient switch mode power supply and a high-performance Class D amplifier in one compact and easily applicable power brick.

Product highlights

  • Industry lowest THD
  • IMD, noise and output impedance
  • Essentally frequency-independent performance
  • Fully 2 ohm capable
  • High power efficiency
  • Compact assembly
  • Bi-wireable output connectors

The amplifier used in the NCxxxMP is a self-contained high-performance class D amplifier intended for a wide range of audio applications, ranging from public address systems to ultrahigh-fidelity replay systems for studio and home use. Chief distinguishing features are flat frequency response irrespective of load impedance, nearly frequency independent distortion behaviour and very low radiated and conducted EMI.  Control is based on a phase shift controlled self-oscillating loop taking feedback only at the speaker output.

The main SMPS providing the power for the amplifier is a compact, high power, highly efficient, regulated half bridge converter with synchronous rectification on the main output rails. These properties make this technology  ideal for powering Class D audio amplifiers.

For applications requiring a standby mode, a low power standby SMPS also has been integrated into this product. To achieve universal mains input compatibility this SMPS features an automatic input voltage doubler.


  • Top of the line mono and stereo amplifiers
  • Active audiophile loudspeakers

The Hypex Channel Extension connector provides for an additional low power tweeter amplifier channel.

Flawless audiophile performance requires a power amplifier capable of driving difficult loads with great precision. Ncore amplifiers unite linearity, control and power at an optimum never before seen. Distortion and noise is matched by very few class A/AB amplifiers while output impedance -the lowest on record for any power amplifier- insures that practical loudspeakers benefit from the full linearity of the amplifier. As a result, subjective performance truly matches the measurements.

Subjective performance

  • Precise spectral balance: no part of the audio range is overhyped or underplayed
  • Stable and detailed stereo imaging
  • Relaxed presentation even at high loudness levels
  • Highly resolved but totally unexaggerated top end