Who we are:

Hypex Electronics is a specialist supplier of power amplifiers, power supplies and DSP solutions for the professional and DIY audio industry. The company manufactures very high-performance class D amplifiers based on world leading NCore® and well respected UcD®  technologies.

 What we do:

  • Class D amplifier design and manufacture
  • SMPS (switch mode power supply), design and manufacture
  • Creating DSP solutions
  • Extensive R&D regarding various high-end audio and DSP designs
  • Analogue circuit design
  • In house support for all customers, professional and DIY

Hypex Electronics works in cooperation with its customers to find the ultimate solution for their applications, from initial idea to final product. Product development is split between general-purpose power amplifier/supply modules and projects for selected customers. Areas where we can offer added value to customers include design for manufacture, AD/DA conversion, active loudspeaker design and DSP solutions for loudspeaker and system control. 

 The applications:

  • Active loudspeakers
  • Studio based solutions
  • Home theatre
  • Amplifiers for the audiophile market
  • Live sound purposes
  • Musical instrument amplification

 A brief history:

Hypex was founded in 1996 by Jan-Peter van Amerongen as a supplier of plate amplifiers for live sound loudspeakers. The products drew the attention of hi-fi speaker manufacturers, resulting first in a line of active subwoofer amplifier subassemblies, shortly followed by multichannel units with active cross-over filters for the studio market.

2003 saw the start of a complete migration to class D. For this purpose the newly invented 'Universal Class D' technology was selected, later followed by the class leading NCore® technology. Hypex decided not only to use UcD® and NCore® in end-user products, but also to offer it to the market as general-purpose amplifier modules. The UcD® and NCore® modules have quickly established themselves as the new standard, both in terms of measured and subjective performance.

In 2005, Hypex took the decision to move from a being a technology user to being a technology source. Hypex now serves many big name audiophile brands, incorporating the world class NCore® technology in their end-products.