Hypex DSP Solutions


Hypex Electronics has many years of experience in DSP solutions. We have developed our own filter design software which can be utilized to configure our range of DSP modules and plate amplifiers. Furthermore, we offer a high-end Digital Loudspeaker Control Platform (DLCP) for DIY applications.

The “DLCP” is a complete hardware/firmware platform for digitally filtered (6 channels) and corrected active multiway loudspeakers. Digital response correction allows significant extra degrees of freedom in the acoustic design of a loudspeaker. Driver parameters can be selected for best efficiency and distortion instead of electrical damping, and the cabinet can now be fully optimized for radiation pattern.

The "MP-DSP" is a high grade, three channel DSP board to be used specifically with the Hypex MP series amplifiers. It can be expanded with an optional digital input board or high level input board for subwoofers. Multiple DSP boards can be used in master-slave configuration to create a stereo or 2.1 system. Three presets are available to store different filter settings, inputs and volume offsets. If a 2-channel amplifier is connected the outputs can easily be configured for BTL operation.