• AS2.100d (digital)

AS2.100d (digital)

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The “AS2.100” is a plate amp for use in powered speaker systems. As an active speaker controller, a AS2.100 can form the basis of a powerful active two-way monitor. In stereo mode one AS2.100 will power an active master / passive slave pair. Finally, the module may also be used as a one-way 140W amplifier. All signal processing, including volume control, is done using the on-board DSP (digital signal processor).

Figure 3 shows the block diagram of the amplifier. When two modules are used, the second unit slaves to the first unit (master) through a link cable. The link cable (a stereo mini jack cable) carries both the right audio channel and control data. This way, both units respond to the master’s control panel.

A PC controls the AS2.100 through the USB port. This connection is used to upload the configuration and filter settings. An optional board permits use of the USB link for audio as well as an SPDIF link. In digital mode, master/slave linking is done through the SPDIF in/out connections instead of the mini jack cable.


  • Fully controlled by PC software (included)
  • Cross-over settings fully customisable (real-time) 
  • UcD180LP OEM (2x) powered
  • Stereo analogue input
  • Infrared remote control (optional)
  • Automatic input scanning
  • compact design
  • Fully user customised filtering
  • Button panel controlled
  • Remote controlled
  • Filtered sub out
  • Link connection master / slave (only with two modules)
  • Low signal to noise (-100dB)


 When one module is used:

  • Stereo passive filtered system
  • Bridged mode for single subwoofer (max 140Watt @ 8 Ohms)
  • 2-way setup (tweeter + woofer)

 When two modules are used:

  • 2-way active filtered stereo system
  • 2 channel system, both modules in bridge mode for more power
  • 3-way active filtered in combination with an active subwoofer (filtered sub out on AS2.100)

    All setups are possible with analogue and optional with the digital audio inputs SPDIF and USB.


  • S/PDIF input and output
  • Sampling rates up to 192kHz
  • USB Audio



Mains voltage input 230Vac or 115Vac non switchable
Power (4Ω) 100Wrms x2
Channels 2
Dimensions mm 115mm*200mm*60mm


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