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The DLCP will be End Of Life from 01-01-2020.

 The “DLCP” is a complete hardware/firmware platform for digitally filtered (6 channels) and corrected active multiway loudspeakers. Digital response correction allows significant extra degrees of freedom in the acoustic design of a loudspeaker. Driver parameters can be selected for best efficiency and distortion instead of electrical damping, and the cabinet can now be fully optimized for radiation pattern. For further information, please read the manual (in progress).


  • High-end consumer audio
  • Digital pre amplifier
  • Active speakers up to six-way
  • Three-way stereo active system
  • PA systems
  • Studio monitors


  • Compact design
  • Personal Computer controlled
  • Input sample rates up to 192kHz
  • Balanced Analogue and digital inputs/outputs
  • Digital balanced audio loop-through
  • Low-jitter discrete clock oscillator
  • Six channel active filtering
  • Fully user-configurable filters
  • Firmware updateable by USB
  • Separate Clock and Data Paths
  • Six user configurable analogue balanced outputs
  • High-Level outputs permit direct interface with NC400 / buffered UcD™ ST and HG power amplifiers
  • Analogue input gain trim
  • 9 local regulators
  • IIR filtering
  • 96kHz processor sampling rate
  • Stand-by mode
  • On board Molex Microfit output 


  • Connector for external LED.

  • Mounting set with 4pcs m3x8 torx bolts and a power cable included.


Channels 6
THD+N -102dB
Recommended SMPS SMPS DLCP
Dimensions mm 110*110*30
Weight 140G


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