• Hypex Filter Design

Hypex Filter Design

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Hypex Filter Designer (HFD) is a program to configure Hypex Electronics B.V. DSP modules. Only available for Windows.

The HFD v4 software consists of the following areas:

  • Main Screen
  • Device settings screen
  • Filter design graphical screen
  • Filter design advanced screen

The general functions of HFD are:

  • Volume Control
  • Mute (global and per channel
  • Channel assignment
  • Subout Control
  • Load measurements for speakers (Impulse response)
  • Take measurements
  • Input gain adapt
  • Load/apply microphone correction data
  • Stepresponse/Impulseresponse/Magnitude
  • View sum of filters
  • Invert filter functions
  • Delay
  • Graph smoothing
  • Wide range of Biquad filter setups


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