About us

About us

Hypex Electronics

Hypex Electronics B.V. is a specialist supplier, designer and manufacturer of Class D power amplifiers, power supplies, DSP solutions and plate amplifiers for the Hifi, High End and Pro Audio Industry. The company manufactures very high-performance and high-quality Class D amplifiers, based on world leading Nilai®, NCOREx®, NCORE® and worldwide well respected UcD™ technologies.

The goal of Hypex is to provide everyone with the best possible audio experience. That's why we are involved in some of the most high-end audio applications found in every market segment today. The Hypex products are manufactured in our own factory in Malaysia; a strictly controlled production environment. To ensure fast delivery of the products, we keep stock in a warehouse in Hong Kong and in the headquarters in The Netherlands. By controlling the entire process of production, we are able to deliver customized services and support to our customers.

The philosophy of Hypex Electronics is simple: we want our customers to implement the best possible Class-D amplifier technology in the most user-friendly way. We are always looking for the best performance, combined with the best cost-effective solutions, short lines of communication and fast delivery.

Our commitment goes beyond just OEM solutions. We also offer the DIY community our DIY-friendly products through www.diyclassd.com.

What we do

  • Class D amplifier design and manufacturing
  • SMPS (switch mode power supply) design and manufacturing
  • DSP (digital signal processor) solution design and manufacturing
  • Analogue and digital circuit design and manufacturing
  • Software & Firmware, including network audio
  • DANTE/AES70 solutions
  • Extensive R&D, regarding various high-end audio, SMPS and DSP designs
  • In-house (engineering) support for all customers (OEM and DIY)
  • Tailor-made projects

Hypex Electronics works closely with its customers to find the ultimate solution for their applications, from initial idea to final product. Product development is divided between general power amplifier and power modules, and custom projects for selected customers.

Areas where we can provide additional value to customers include production design, AD/DA conversion, active speaker design, and DSP solutions for speaker and system control.

Applications we offer

  • Active loudspeakers
  • Home theatre
  • Amplifiers for the audiophile market
  • Live sound purposes
  • Musical instrument amplification
  • Studio based solutions


Our story

Hypex was founded in 1996 by Jan-Peter van Amerongen (1964 - 2021). Hypex started as a supplier of plate amplifiers for live sound loudspeakers. The products attracted the attention of HiFi loudspeaker manufacturers, resulting first in a range of active subwoofer amplifiers, followed shortly afterwards by multi-channel units with active crossover filters for the studio market.

In 2003, a full migration to Class D was started. The newly invented 'Universal Class D' technology was selected for this, later followed by the leading NCORE® technology. Hypex decided not only to use UcD™ and NCORE® in end-user products, but also to market them as general amplifier modules. The quality of the UcD™ and NCORE® modules quickly became recognized as the new standard quality for the industry in both measured and subjective performance.

In 2005, Hypex decided to become a technology resource instead of a technology user. Hypex now serves many major audiophiles, HiFi and Pro Audio brands, incorporating world class NCORE® technology into their final product.

In 2013 Hypex built its own production facility in Malaysia called Seetek EMS SDN BHD. This factory only produces Hypex products. One of Hypex's core values is to deliver high-quality products at all times. That is why Hypex requires strict control during the production, assembly and quality process. With Seetek we can maintain our core values.

Same support, different name: following Hypex's strategy of being an amplifier manufacturer for both OEM and DIY markets from 2016, we are making a small transition in the business model. Hypex Electronics continues production of OEM Class D modules. www.DIYclassD.com will take care of the DIY market and provide smooth customer support and a more direct and personal approach to the DIY audio market. It will make a clear distinction between OEM and DIY. The company in the background that makes everything possible will still be Hypex Electronics, but the sales and support will be made through DIYclassD.com.

Hypex Electronics kicked off the year 2021 by celebrating its 25th anniversary. In the second half of the year, however, founder Jan-Peter van Amerongen lost an unwinnable battle and died in November 2021. We will remember Jan-Peter as an enthusiastic, kind and warm person and we will miss him in our personal lives and within our company.

Jan-Peter chose the former R&D Manager Jan Willem Winters as the new CEO of Hypex Electronics B.V.


Hypex Electronics works in cooperation with its customers to find the ultimate solution for their application, from initial idea to final product.

Hypex Electronics has become a world leading specialist supplier, designer and manufacturer of Class D power amplifiers, power supplies, DSP solutions and plate amplifiers for the HiFi, High End and Pro Audio Industry.

About us

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Nilai®, NCOREX®, NCORE®, UCD™, SMPS, DSP? We can explain…



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