eXceptionally good

Hypex Electronics BV introduces its new and improved NCOREx® technology. With at least 2x better performance compared to NCORE®, the eXceptional NCOREx® technology paves the way for our future OEM products. Availability and more detailed information will be announced soon.

About Hypex Electronics

Hypex Electronics is a company which makes amplifiers, supplies and DSP's with the highest possible quality in mind. Hence we are involved in some of the most High-End audio applications found today. One of the reasons we are so well equipped to do this is that we have our own factory and distribution.

The philosophy in Hypex amplifiers is simple. We want our customers to be able to implement the best Class-D amplifier technology on the market today in the most user-friendly way possible. We are always looking for the best performance in combination with the best cost-effective solutions, short communication lines and fast delivery.

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