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Founded in 1996, Hypex Electronics is a leading specialist supplier, designer and manufacturer of Class D power amplifiers, power supplies, DSP solutions and plate amplifiers in the HiFi, High End and Pro Audio industries.

Hypex works with its customers to find the ultimate solution for their application, from the first idea to the final product.

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Our services go beyond just providing OEM solutions. We also provide the DIY community with our DIY friendly products through our website www.diyclassd.com.

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Hypex DSA254 OEM amplifier


In a world where sound quality meets unparalleled flexibility, we proudly present our brand new DSA254 OEM, a cutting-edge audio amplifier that transcends the boundaries of traditional loudspeaker systems.

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Seetek - Hypex production facility


Seetek EMS SDN BHD is Hypex Electronics’s Malaysian factory. Hypex Electronics prides itself on the privilege of having its own production facility. Discover how our factory works and what the added value is of our own production facility in relation to our customers.

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Hypex - your specialist OEM supplier

Hypex Electronics works in cooperation with its customers to find the ultimate solution for their application, from initial idea to final product.

Hypex Electronics has become a world leading specialist supplier, designer and manufacturer of Class D power amplifiers, power supplies, DSP solutions and plate amplifiers for the HiFi, High End and Pro Audio Industry.

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Hypex NCOREx® NCX500 OEM Amplifier Module


Hypex amplifiers are known as some of the best amplifiers in the industry.


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NCx500 OEM
The NCx500 OEM is a superior amplifier module designed to revolutionize your audio experience. With our groundbreaking exceptional NCOREx® technology, this product offers an astounding 2x better noise reduction and THD compared to its predecessor, the NC500 OEM. Prepare to be immersed in unparalleled audio performance as the NCx500 OEM takes high-end audio products to new heights. Whether you require a mono, stereo, multichannel, or active speaker application, this amplifier module is the ultimate solution. Not only does the NCx500 OEM deliver exceptional sound quality, but it also offers added functionality that sets it apart from its competitors. Our engineers have gone above and beyond to ensure that this product exceeds your expectations. One of the most remarkable qualities of the NCx500 OEM is its versatility. It can seamlessly replace the NC500 OEM without any hassle, making it a convenient drop-in replacement. Invest in the future of audio technology with the NCx500 OEM. It is meticulously crafted to meet the demands of discerning audiophiles who seek nothing but the best. Immerse yourself in crystal-clear sound, with every nuance and detail captured flawlessly. Order the NCx500 OEM today and experience audio like never before. Enjoy the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology, exceptional performance, and new features. Elevate your audio experience and let the NCx500 OEM redefine your understanding of audio excellence. HIGHLIGHTS: • Low idle losses • Extremely low distortion across the frequency and power range • Exceptionally low output impedance for precise speaker control • Extremely low noise for a pure audio experience • Remarkably neutral and transparent sound reproduction FEATURES: • On-board high-end buffer stage • Incorporating our highly acclaimed HxR discrete regulators • Built with thoughtfully chosen, superior-quality components PROTECTIONS: • Overcurrent protection • DC error detection • Over- and undervoltage protection • Over temperature protection • Short circuit protection POSSIBLE APPLICATIONS: • Home Theatre systems • Power Amplifiers; for home and professional use • Immersive Audio systems • Multichannel Power Amplifiers

The new NCore Active Speaker (NCAS) modules are specifically designed for application in an active speaker design. The modules feature two onboard NCore amplifiers: a full bridge high power channel and a half bridge medium power channel.The NCAS500MP amplifier module incorporates a low power standby power supply (meets 2013 ERP Lot 60.5W requirements), a highly efficient switch mode power supply and a high-performance Class D amplifier in one compact and easily applicable power brick.Chief distinguishing features are flat frequency response irrespective of load impedance, nearly frequencyindependent distortion behaviour and very low radiated and conducted EMI. Control is based on a phase shift controlled self-oscillating loop taking feedback only at the speaker output.For applications requiring a standby mode, a low power standby SMPS also has been integrated into thisproduct. To achieve universal mains input compatibility this SMPS features an automatic input voltagedoubler.APPLICATIONS:Monitor loudspeakers for recording and mastering studiosPublic address systemsActive loudspeakersFEATURES:Two channel amplifier5W standby SMPSAdvanced over current protectionExternal controlled operationAuto-switching (115/230V)HIGHLIGHTS:High efficiencyUniversal mains operationFlat, fully load-independent frequency responseLow output impedanceVery low, frequency-independent THDVery low noiseCONTENTS OF PACKAGING:NCAS500MP OEM moduleManual

The NC52MP is an extremely compact power dual-amplifier brick. A cutting-edge, easy to integrate, amplifier solution that seamlessly combines advanced technology with an integration-friendly design. This versatile module is equipped with a host of features to elevate your implementation experience, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of audio applications, from high-quality power amplifiers to high-quality active loudspeakers. The NC52MP stands out with its innovative power supply architecture. Incorporating a low-power standby supply that complies with 2013 ERP Lot 6 0.5W requirements, a highly efficient switch mode power supply (SMPS), and dual high-performance 50W NCORE® Class-D amplifiers, this module redefines compact power delivery. The result is a compact yet powerful brick that is highly compatible with various audio applications. The Class-D amplifier employed in the NC52MP is a self-contained marvel, crafted for versatility in audio applications ranging from public address systems to ultra high-fidelity replay systems for both studio and home use. Key features that set it apart include a flat frequency response across load impedances, nearly frequency-independent distortion behavior, and minimal radiated and conducted electromagnetic interference (EMI). The control mechanism is based on a phase shift-controlled self-oscillating loop, with feedback sourced exclusively from the speaker output. Driving the amplifiers is a main SMPS, a compact, high-power, highly efficient, regulated flyback. These exceptional properties make it the perfect technology to power this Class-D audio power amplifier brick, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. This SMPS is designed for universal mains input compatibility, offering flexibility and efficiency in various applications. For situations requiring a standby mode, the NC52MP incorporates a low-power standby SMPS. Now, redefine your expectations with the NC52MP’s remarkably low heat dissipation. This module has been engineered to deliver superior performance while efficiently managing heat generation, enhancing both longevity and reliability. HIGHLIGHTS • High efficiency & Universal mains operation • Flat, fully load-independent frequency response • Low output impedance • Very low, frequency independent THD • Very low noise FEATURES: • 5W standby SMPS • Advanced protections • Clip indicator • Universal mains (100/240Vac) • Light weight and compact size PROTECTIONS: • Overcurrent protection • Excessive DC protection • Over temperature protection • Short circuit protection POSSIBLE APPLICATIONS: • Monitor loudspeakers for studios • Active loudspeakers • Public Address systems • Home Theatre systems • Power Amplifiers; for home and professional use