Seetek - Hypexe production facility


Seetek EMS SDN BHD is Hypex Electronics’s own Malaysian-based manufacturing affiliate. It is with great pride that we would like to present to you the benefits of this partnership and tell you a bit more about our working methods and how that relates to you as our customer.

In 2013 Hypex Electronics started manufacturing its audio products on a large scale at Seetek EMS SDN BHD. Malaysia is the perfect location for an internationally focused production facility because of its strategic location, sufficient and highly skilled labour force, high-quality production standards, and low production costs. Malaysia is also not affected by import and export limitations as the result of the nation’s stability and flexibility in business and investment policies.

Today, almost a decade later, a team of 80 highly skilled on-site engineers, craftsmen, and production staff members are all contributing to the success of Seetek. Their expertise and dedication combined with the latest technology and state-of-the-art machinery is the perfect match between evolution and intelligence resulting in the production of our high-qualitiy products. Annually Seetek is responsible for the production of hundreds of thousands of products from our Hypex catalog.


Communication between our two companies has always been open and clear and we work together efficiently. One of the primary advantages of backward vertical integration is control. Since we keep all processing ‘in house’, Hypex and Seetek staff have complete control over the entire production process ranging from product supplies to assembly and testing. This way IP protection is completely guaranteed. Hypex has developed an on-site test system ‘HTS’ (Hypex Test System) which allows us to log every single step of the testing procedure. Our modules will have completed 100% functional tests with a burn-in process at the end of the line by the time they leave our production facility. Hypex staff regularly visit Seetek for system updates or system expansions. These physical meetings and one-on-one communication with the on-site staff benefit the working relationship between the two companies resulting in agility and the ability to quickly respond to changes in the market. It also guarantees cost-efficient production, easy customization and rapid testing of new iterations of prototypes.

In 2020 we were faced with a sudden change in the components market due to Covid-19 and the effects it had on the worldwide production and distribution of electronic components. All of a sudden easy access to regular electronic components was no longer a given. Our dedicated and professional Seetek purchasing team are able to source the components for the necessary products on a daily basis and thus minimize lead times for production.

At both Hypex and Seetek we value and appreciate our workers and we believe that the well-being of our employees is crucial to achieving a healthy and high-performing work culture. Seetek makes it a priority to guarantee their staff a working environment that has the same high-quality of our products. We believe that happy employees show increased productivity, improved confidence, and take greater responsibility, resulting in a shared commitment to deliver world-class products.

Trusted partnership

The combination of Dutch design and Malaysian manufacturing has proven to be a great match for Hypex and is greatly appreciated by our customers. Business has grown rapidly and is only expected to increase over the next decade. Over the last few years, Seetek has needed to relocate to larger locations several times in order to meet current and future customer demands. Our current factory is our third location in Malaysia. Hypex Electronics is proud and grateful to have Seetek as its trusted partner. Together with our Dutch and Hong Kong warehouses we look to the future with confidence and enthusiasm and we look forward to continuing to sell our Dutch-designed and Malaysian-produced products all over the world.

Seetek complies with the highest quality assurance and environmental protection standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2015.

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