NC500 Evaluation board

Product information "NC500 Evaluation board"
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The NC500 OEM amplifier module is an extremely high-quality audio power amplifier module which operates in class D. Not only does it offer a way for audiophile music reproduction to continue in an ever more energy-conscious world, its measured and sonic performance actually raises the bar for audio amplifiers of any description. Operation is based on a non-hysteresis 5th order self-oscillating control loop taking feedback only at the speaker output.Furthermore, the NC500 OEM is an unbuffered amplifier leaving the implementation of an input buffer up to the manufacturer. The NC500 is practically devoid of any sonic signature so this external buffer is a good way of tuning in a “house sound”.APPLICATIONS:High-end stereo and multichannel ampsHigh-end active loudspeakers for recording and mastering studiosHigh-end home theatre systemsFEATURES:Conservatively ratedDifferential audio inputUp to +/-98V operation2 ohm capableExtensive, microprocessor-controlled error protectionHIGHLIGHTS:Extremely low distortion over frequency and power rangeExtremely low output impedanceExtremely low noiseExtremely neutral and transparentCONTENTS OF PACKAGING:NC500 amplifier moduleManual