Mains Powered NCORE® Family

The mains powered NCORE® amplifiers can be used for a wide range of OEM applications, for example:

  • Audiophile power amplifiers for professional and HiFi
  • Audiophile integrated builds for professional and HiFi
  • Active MI loudspeakers
  • Active PA loudspeakers
  • Active Monitor Speakers
  • Active Studio Monitor Speakers
  • Active subwoofers

The Mains Powered NCORE® Family modules are designed to be ‘quick-install' modules. The modules are intended to be applied in mass production environments. Therefore, we do not support modification of the modules. Hence, modifying the modules will result in voiding the warranty. Hypex has designed a buffer-less amplifier to be used in applications where the designer/manufacturer wants full control of buffer op-amp and gain. Please take a look at our NC500 OEM in combination with a SMPS1200A700.
Yes, with each mains powered NCORE® amplifier you can add one NC100HF tweeter channel amplifier. It is not possible to add 2 pieces NC100HF to one Mains Powered NCORE® Amplifier.
Yes, a two channel NCxxxMP amplifier can also be used in BTL to become a more powerful one channel amplifier, also when bridged you can add one NC100HF amplifier to create a more powerful 2-way setup.
Yes, one can use the mains powered NCORE® Family amplifiers for multichannel applications, nevertheless we advise to see into our NCORE® Family amplifier modules for multichannel applications instead.