Hypex Sticker
This sticker of Hypex can be used on your case or other product where Hypex products are used. Show others what modules you have used to build your own amplifier. Dimensions 50x20mm.

Fusion OLED Display
All models of the Fusion Amplifier Family and the DSP3-213 can be extended with the Fusion OLED Display. The Fusion OLED Display will show you all the relevant information such as volume level, active input and preset and will show you all error messages. All messages are very well readable from your listening position. You can mount this Display from the outside of the speaker cabinet. the Display is already fitted with double adhesive tape for assembly in your speaker cabinet. This Display must be used in master devices if the Hypex remote is to be used (remote not included). Furthermore, this Display can also be added in slave devices, but the IR functionality will be disabled. includes: Fusion OLED Display 5 pin cable 125cm Manual

  • Compatible with: DSP3-213
  • Compatible with: Fusion Amplifier Family