The best just got better

NCOREx® Amplifier Family

Continuous development of the unparallelled NCORE® culminated in our NCOREx® amplifier modules. With at least 2x better performance compared to NCORE®, the eXceptional NCOREx® technology paves the way for our future OEM products.


NCx500 OEM
eXceptionaly good With a minimum of 2x better noise reduction and THD compared to the NC500 OEM, the NCx500 OEM with our eXceptional NCOREx technology is our answer for your future High-End audio products. Focus on even better audio performance and added functionality. The NCx500 OEM is an ideal amplifier module for any mono, stereo, multichannel and active speaker application which demands nothing but the best. the NCx500 OEM can be used as a drop-in replacement for the NC500 OEM but with the following added features: Including on-board, high-end, buffer stage Including our well known HxR discrete regulators Carefully selected, high-grade components Lower idle losses

  • Power (2Ω): 700W
  • Power (4Ω): 700W
  • Power (8Ω): 400W