Hypex amplifier modules have unlimited application possibilities. Anything from the best High-end amplifiers to public addressing systems from 1 to 32 channels. We've got you covered.

NCOREx® Family

The best just got better

With the amplifier modules of the NCOREx® family, you are assured that you have the crème de la crème of OEM Class-D amplifiers with double noise reduction and THD compared to NCORE®.

NCORE® Family

High-end poweramps

With the NCORE® family amplifier modules you can build extremely high-end combinations together with our Switch Mode Power Supplies. You can create the best Class-D mono blocks or even the best sounding touring amp.

NCORE® Active Speaker Family

Perfect for active speaker application

A member of the widely appreciated NCORE® amplifier family incorporating two onboard NCORE® amplifiers: a full bridge high power and a half bridge medium power channel

Mains Powered NCORE® Family

All in one:  amplifier and power supply

The Mains Powered NCORE® Family amplifier modules are equipped with either one or two amplifier channels including a power supply and standby power supply. The perfect modules for integrated amplifiers or active speakers and subwoofers.


Fusion Amplifier Family

Complete active speaker solution

A FusionAmp plate amplifier is the perfect tool to create an active loudspeaker or subwoofer. With 8 different models ranging from low power 1ch to high power 3ch solutions, it can be used for a wide range of active speaker applications.

UcD™ Family

Multichannel building blocks

With the UcD™ family amplifier modules you can build endless combinations together with our Switch Mode Power Supplies. From 32 channels @ 100W to 4 channels @ 2500W. And anything in between.