Fusion Amp Family

All fusion amps are mono 1, 2 or 3-way. Stereo use with one Fusion Amp is not possible. It is possible to sum L+R in one Fusion Amp for a center speaker for example.
Out of the box a Fusion Amp does not work for your safety and to protect your valuable speakers. Since the Fusion Amp’s DSP does not contain a filter by default, you need to get started with HFD. This free software can be downloaded from our website. You can start getting acquainted with the software, even without a Hypex product connected. An elaborate guide on how to design the filters can be found on our website at "downloads"
Please download the Hypex Filter Design installation and Hypex FusionAmp Firmware update tutorial at "downloads"
If a mixed setup is created (one-way models mixed with multi-way models) the master should be a multiway model. Since a mixed configuration has conflicting inputs (digital vs high-level), the one-way models are muted if a digital source is selected at the master. If this is undesirable, consider a two-way model in BTL or dual mono as subwoofer amplifier.
Check out our "Application page" for more information and support.
Plate amplifiers can be used to make passive loudspeakers quickly and easy active or to change the design of your passive filter to a digital filter design. 

Plate amplifiers are used for active loudspeakers, powerful subwoofers, active monitor systems and public address speakers.
No, one cannot add anything to the Fusion Amp setup, this will void the warranty.
Here you will find some example hardware and software:

  • Dayton EMM-6
  • Focusrite Scarlett Solo
It is important to use an external soundcard with microphone input.
  • Hypex Filter Design
  • Room EW Wizard software

Your Fusion amp is factory programmed, therefor a Fusion Amp cannot be changed afterwards. Adding an extra amplifier will result in a not working channel.
The gain can be trimmed in the HDF software, adjusting the gain and input buffer at the amplifier itselves is not supported.
In theory you can add a remote kit to every Fusion amp. For a stereo setup 9 out of 10 setups will be connected as master and slave, in this case it is not necessary to have 2 remote kits, the master will provide the data to the slave for audio signals and controls. Even in this setup you have the choice of still using 2 remote kits if for example you like to have a LED in both speakers to show activity. 
Open HFD on your PC and connect your PC with the Fusion Amp. Open Filter design and choose “File” -> “New Fusion Amp” if you now choose “load filter to DSP” a unity filter will be uploaded. If you desire a different filter, please refer to the HFD manual.
The USB port at a Fusion Amp can only be used to configure the Fusion Amp DSP. This connection does not support USB audio.
For best performance, the Fusion Amp should be installed in a sealed compartment of your speaker cabinet. The online user guide includes basic dimensions for installation. Refer to the chapter ‘Installation’ for instructions. Detailed 3D models and 2D drawings can be found on our website, to assist you in designing the amplifier cabinet.
Our software (HFD) is available as a free download on our website, if you do not have the possibility to download HFD you can also chose to buy a hard copy in our web shop for € 1,- the free download you’ll find at "downloads"