Cable set NC100HF

Product information "Cable set NC100HF"
The Cable set NC100HF is a complete cable set to connect the NC100HF hanger module to your NCxxxMP amplifier module or with the MP-DSP Main.

Note: For the connection of the NCxxxMP amplifier module please refer to the "Cable set NCxxxMP".

NCore signal cable not included and not needed with the NCxxxMP amplifier range.

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The NC100HF is a dedicated tweeter-amplifier which fits the NCxxxMP series. It is a NCore amplifier that works with the NCxxxMP modules to create a second or third channel for the amplifier. It operates from the on-board SMPS of the NCxxxMP module and is compatible with the whole range. This makes it possible to build a complete NCore based system in a heartbeat.By design, NCore has a full range frequency response and power bandwidth. However this module is designed to be used for mid- and high frequencies only, i.e. starting at approximately 500Hz.APPLICATIONS:Monitor loudspeakers forrecording and masteringstudiosPublic address systemsActive loudspeakersFEATURES:One channel amplifierAdvanced over currentprotectionRemote controlled operationLow weight: 75g.Compact: 85 x 39 x 27mmHIGHLIGHTS:High efficiencyFlat, fully load-independentfrequency responseLow output impedanceVery low, frequencyindependentTHDVery low noiseCONTENTS OF PACKAGING:NC100HF amplifier moduleManual

The DSP3-213 (formerly called MP-DSP Main) is a high grade, three channel DSP board to be used specifically with the Hypex Mains Powered (MP) and NCORE® Active Speaker (NCAS) series amplifiers. It can be expanded with an optional digital input board or high level input board for subwoofers. Multiple DSP boards can be used in master-slave configuration to create a stereo or 2.1 system. Three presets are available to store different filter settings, inputs and volume offsets. If a 2-channel amplifier is connected the outputs can easily be configured for BTL operation.APPLICATIONS:High-end consumer audioActive speakersActive subwoofersPA systemsStudio monitors FEATURES:3 programmable presets Configurable Soft clip limiterAutomatic Source selectionAutomatic signal detectionOptional IR remote controlMaster-slave operation