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Mono Power Amplifier

A mono power amplifier is a single mono amplifier brick carrying its own power supply and matching amplifier. Mono power amps are considered as the best way to create a high quality amplifier brick. Mono power amplifiers are used in Hi-Fi and High-End setups but can also be used as musical instrument amplifier.

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Examples of available mono amplifier solutions:

Output Power (4Ω) Available solutions Switch Mode Power Supply
125W 1x NC52MP OEM (BTL) On board
250W 1x NC250MP OEM On board
250W @ 8Ω 1x NC122MP OEM (BTL) On board
400W @ 8Ω 1x NCAS500MP OEM On board
500W 1x NC500MP OEM On board
500W @ 8Ω 1x NC252MP OEM (BTL) On board
700W 1x NC500 OEM


1x SMPS1200A700
700W 1x NCx500 OEM


1x SMPS1200A700
1000W 1x NC502MP OEM (BTL) On board
1200W @ 8Ω 1x NC502MP OEM (BTL) On board
2500W 1x NC2k OEM


1x SMPS3kA700